Get Vaccination Ready With The Guild

The Guild ITP now offers FREE vaccination accreditation to all Guild interns!

From 2019 all interns undertaking the Guild ITP will have access to the Guild Vaccination Course for Pharmacists, with no out of pocket expense. At the Guild we are focused on providing our Interns with work ready outcomes, this means ensuring that our graduates possess the skills and knowledge to practice to the full extent of their scope as a pharmacist.

Market research conducted as part of the Guild’s Community Pharmacy 2025 project (CP2025) found patients strongly support expanded health services being available from their local pharmacy, with vaccination being one of the most frequently nominated services. In 2018 alone, hundreds of thousands of Australian patients chose the convenience of getting their flu vaccination at their local community pharmacy.

With a course price of $1,855 (with flexible payment options and no hidden or extra fees) and bonus value of up to $1,875 in free education and networking, the Guild ITP is the market leader when it comes to value.





Disclaimer: Ability for pharmacists to undertake training and provide administration of vaccinations varies across all States and Territories, all Guild enrolled interns will be provided with an opportunity to complete the Guild Vaccination Course for Pharmacists at an appropriate time for their jurisdiction of practice. To find out more, please contact one of our clinical tutors on 1300 110 161.


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