Enrolments in the Guild Intern Training Program are now open!

Pharmacy students preparing for graduation can now enrol in the Pharmacy Guild of Australia 2018 National Intern Training Program.

The Guild Intern Training Program offers challenging clinical content, work ready outcomes, ongoing exam support and free access to industry events including APP on the Gold Coast and Pharmacy Connect in Sydney.

Pharmacy Guild of Australia National Intern Training Program Manager, Tim Roberts said that the program prepares interns for their future in pharmacy by providing the skills necessary to succeed in the industry.

“Our course content focuses on the application of clinical skills – while also preparing interns for real world scenarios.

“Guild interns enter the workforce ready to provide effective primary healthcare and efficient delivery of medicines, medication management and quality health outcomes,” he said.

Mr Roberts said that interns benefit from the Guild’s resources and knowledge of professional programs developed under the 6CPA.
“Having access to professional practice programs helps reinforce theoretical knowledge and allows interns to be exposed to the expanding roles available to pharmacists.

“The program’s two face-to-face workshops help to facilitate the application of this knowledge and aid interns in preparing for their final examinations,” he said.
Guild Interns also benefit from ongoing support from clinical tutors throughout their intern year.

Enrolments in the Guild ITP are now open across all states and territories in Australia. To enrol in the program, visit www.internpharmacist.com.au, or to learn more email info@internpharmacist.com.au or call 1300 110 161 to speak with a tutor.

Isle Pharmacy is one of the finalists in the National Student Business Plan Competition

By Monique Scott, Caitlan O’Keefe, Madeline Spencer & Alison Hay

Who is behind Isle Pharmacy?

The Isle Pharmacy is managed by four dedicated and enthusiastic female pharmacists, each delivering the VisualEyes Program:

Monique is our Pharmacy Manager. Monique’s management and interpersonal skills ensure the pharmacy as a whole is running smoothly. When Monique isn’t completing her managerial responsibilities she develops her interests in wound care and mental health. Accordingly, Monique is now a Mental Health First-Aid Accredited Pharmacist and assists these patients when necessary.

Caitlan is our Pharmacist-in-Charge. By using her eye for detail and leadership skills, Caitlan focuses on the smooth operation of the dispensary. She uses her communication skills to promote independence in medication management. Caitlan is passionate about education and enjoys increasing the knowledge of staff members. Caitlan also conducts Home Medicine Reviews and Residential Medication Management Reviews.

Maddie is our VisualEyes Program Co-ordinator. She used her perseverance and exceptional organisational skills to develop this program and enjoys watching it flourish including the arrangement of the Eye Feel Better Now Group Sessions. Prior to the initiation of the VisualEyes Program, following her passion in optimal asthma management, Maddie undertook additional training to become our Accrediated Asthma Educator.

Alison is our expert in marketing and finance. She uses her creativity to ensure our services and VisualEyes Program are promoted to the public through various media options; particularly through radio to attract older demographics. Her strong mathematical skills ensure our financial position is profitable whilst delivering a high standard of patient care. Alison takes her passion for vision impairment home, where she volunteers raising Labradors to become Guide Dogs through Guide Dogs Tasmania.

What do we do?

At Isle Pharmacy, we aim to provide a personalised approach to medication management. We hope to enrich patients with the knowledge and understanding of their medication, helping them to maintain independence and enhance quality of life.

In addition to our exceptional Professional Services, Isle Pharmacy has initiated the VisualEyes Program – the only community pharmacy-based medication management program in Australia aimed at assisting patients with a vision impairment. From tactile identifiers on medicine packaging to audio recording of counselling, Isle Pharmacy can adapt the VisualEyes Program to suit anyone. We begin with a comprehensive medication review and based on the patient’s needs, provide individualised options to optimise how they manage their medication. With monthly consultations with their VisualEyes Pharmacist, each patient in the program is guided to achieve full independence of their medication management. Additionally, we have Eye Feel Better Now group sessions where members of the community can unite and learn about different visual conditions.

We at Isle Pharmacy strongly believe our VisualEyes Program and Eye Feel Better Now group sessions will improve the health, wellbeing and quality of life of patients in our community suffering from vision impairment.

Where is Isle Pharmacy located?

We are an independent community pharmacy located in Lindisfarne, Tasmania. This suburb on the sunny, Eastern Shore of Hobart has the eldest population in Southern Tasmania.

With increasing age, there is decreasing vision. In Lindisfarne, 44% of residents are over the age of 55. Typically when patients reach this age, 95% experience some level of vision impairment. But, Isle Pharmacy is here to assist these patients! Our location considers the demographic of the local area where there is a high population need for services supporting the vision impaired.

Lindisfarne is also home to several large aged care facilities – ready to refer their patients! We offer 7 day trading, free on-site parking and complimentary deliveries, aiming to make everything as easy as possible for our customers.

Why choose Isle Pharmacy located?

We are a quality pharmacy that aspires to improve all patients’ health and wellbeing, but what makes us different from other pharmacies with a similar vision? By initiating the VisualEyes Program, Isle Pharmacy continues to take extra steps in promoting patient’s to gain full independence and understanding of their medication management. Through our delivery of Professional Services such as pharmacist-administered influenza vaccinations, iron, blood glucose, INR and cholesterol testing, and Home and Residential Medicine Reviews, as well as the VisualEyes Program we ensure that all patients’ needs are catered for and the concerns of patients with vision impairment are not left in the dark.

Pharmacy Guild National Student Business Plan 2017 finalists

Three finalist teams have been announced in the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s 2017 National Student Business Plan Competition.

The finalists, from a total of 14 entries, have successfully progressed through the business plan, quarter-final and semi-final rounds. The three finalist teams are:

  • Isle Pharmacy, University of Tasmania
  • New Life Pharmacy, a cross-institutional team from James Cook University, Queensland University of Technology and University of South Australia
  • PharmHealth Pharmacy, a cross-institutional team from La Trobe University and Monash University.

The competition is an Australia and New Zealand wide challenge, promoting creative entrepreneurship among students preparing for a career in community pharmacy.

Under the competition format, the teams produced business plans, provided written responses to feedback and participated in an investor pitch.

The three finalists will now present their investor pitch ‘live’ at the Pharmacy Connect conference in Sydney, on Saturday 2 September, with the winners announced at the Gala Dinner that evening.

The competition will provide $15,000 in cash prizes to the finalists in addition to registration, flights and accommodation to attend Pharmacy Connect.

The competition, which commenced in 2006, was designed to encourage innovation among pharmacy students by asking them to create competitive business plans using their ideas, talents and creative business concepts.

The competition is an initiative of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and is sponsored by Sanofi Consumer Healthcare (principal sponsor), EBOS (major sponsor), Gold Cross Products and Services and Pharmaceutical Defence Limited (PDL) (foundation sponsors).

The aim of the competition is to encourage pharmacy students to consider how they would go about structuring their own pharmacy business, and produce a business plan. It gives Australia’s best and brightest pharmacy students an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of pharmacy practice through innovative and financially secure business models.

Scholarships help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander pharmacy students

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pharmacy Scholarship Scheme provides incentives for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to undertake training in pharmacy and is funded under the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement. It was established in recognition of the key role pharmacists play in providing improved, culturally appropriate pharmacy services to better meet the needs of their local Indigenous communities and patients, as well as maintaining the health of all Australians.

Currently the Pharmacy Guild of Australia still has one Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pharmacy Scholarship available.

The Rural and Indigenous Workforce team at the Pharmacy Guild of Australia are interested in talking with students who are thinking about or are currently studying their Bachelor or Master of Pharmacy and may wish to examine this opportunity. Please contact the Guild’s 6CPA Support on 1300 555 262 or at support@6cpa.com.au

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has also announced the recipients of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pharmacy Scholarship Scheme (ATSIPSS).

This year two students have been awarded the prestigious scholarship and will receive funding assistance during their time at university. The two students are Maree Perry (Queensland University of Technology) and Emma Sampson (University of Newcastle). Scholarship holders receive $15,000 each year, for up to four years of study, to help cover the costs associated with study.

National President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, George Tambassis, said scholarship holders received financial and mentoring support to ensure they got the most out of their university studies.

“The mentoring program not only helps the students develop a learning plan, but it provides support to students outside of the university environment. It’s an important tool for supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to undertake studies in pharmacy at university,” he said.

This Project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health as part of the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement.

Rural Pharmacy

By Emma Conway, Rural & Indigenous,  NAPSA

Rural pharmacy seems to be a buzz word when talking about your options for Pharmacy after you graduate. The opportunities are endless, and the perks seem surreal, but what does it really entail on a day to day basis? How do you go about breaking into this elusive honey pot of practice?

As a born and bred country gal, I could preach about how helpful our local pharmacists was for hours. In a small town, where locum doctors were the norm, our pharmacist was our consistent and trusted health care professional. From triage advice about broken bones and lacerations to problem solving antibiotic suspension storage when the power went out. Our pharmacist was our consistent go-to for all our health needs.

All very well and good, you may think. Having grown up in a rural area, it must be easy to get back out and find a place to do a placement, get some experience and secure a job.

Yes, the opportunity for placements are endless, but it can definitely be intimidating going rural for the first time and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. So here are some handy hints to help convince you to take the plunge.

  1. Buddy up. Rural placements are worlds easier if you have a friend to go exploring and meet new people with. It can be daunting travelling to a brand new location by yourself, so if you are nervous, convince one of your friends to try the experience with you.
  2. Do your research. Rural areas will often have something on during the week or on the weekend, which the locals tend to frequent. Ask your preceptor, or stalk the town on Facebook and find out what is on! You can guarantee that everyone will be welcoming and it is an excellent way to met people!
  3. Pick a place that is easy to get to if you are nervous about travel and accommodation. Rural doesn’t necessarily have to be out in the sticks of Australia. You may be surprised that you only have to travel an hour or two from Brisbane to be classified as “rural”. The myNAPSA website has a great interactive map which has plenty of option for rural placements listed.
  4. It’s not forever. Taking the plunge with rural placement can be scary, but it is always good to remember that it is only for a short time! University is the time to try new things and figure out whether they fit in with your future plans. If you don’t enjoy your rural placement, is it only a week or two that is lost, but you will never have to question whether you made a mistake by not experiencing it while you could!

So if you are hoping to be fulfilled by your pharmacy experience, not just be a dispensing robot and form unbreakable connections with your patients, then I suggest rural pharmacy as one of the many avenues for you to accomplish this. There is nothing lost by spending a placement deciding whether you like rural pharmacy or not, but everything to gain.

Feel free to shoot me an email at rural.indigenous@napsa.org.au if you have any other questions.

Out with the old, in with the new

The National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (NAPSA) has elected Sandra Minas (La Trobe University, Bendigo, pictured below) as their new President for the 2017/18 NAPSA term.

Ms Minas was elected at NAPSA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), held at Monash University, Melbourne, over the weekend. She heads a new board comprised of a further seven Executive Directors, as elected by NAPSA’s organisational members (pictured below):

  • Vasilios Sotiropoulos (University of South Australia, Adelaide) – Director of Internal Affairs
  • Evangeline Armstrong Gordon (University of Sydney, Sydney) – Secretary
  • Jordan Gill (Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga) – Treasurer
  • Jess Hsiao (University of South Australia, Adelaide) – Director of Media and Publications
  • Tahlia Murador (University of Queensland, Brisbane) – Director of External Affairs
  • Ayomide Ogundipe (Curtin University, Perth) – Director of Public Relations and,
  • Alicia Martin (University of Canberra, Canberra) – Director of Professional Development

Ms Minas said she looked forward to serving NAPSA members and acknowledged the excellent work of her predecessor Miss Shefali Parekh.

“I know that I have big shoes to fill but I’m confident that with the dedication and collaboration of all the amazing Board members we will be able to succeed in attaining our goals this term. I’m also extremely excited to continue to push the boundaries in the pharmacy profession to create the best future of pharmacy for each of our members”, said Miss Minas.

Immediate Past President, Shefali Parekh congratulated Ms Minas and the new board on their appointment and expressed confidence in their ability to continue to build and shape the association going forward.

“Sandra comes into the role of President with a great deal of experience and expertise after being a Director of Public Relations for the past year, and Pharmacy Awareness Chair before that. Her passion will drive her to be a successful leader amongst her peers. This is an exciting time for NAPSA and I step down knowing that the association is in good hands”, said Miss Parekh.

At NAPSA’s Annual Dinner over the weekend, NAPSA invited someone whose reputation precedes them, Rhonda White. Miss Parekh said, “Rhonda’s incredible valour and sharp eye has allowed her to develop visionary skills to outperform and revolutionise the pharmacy industry. We were very fortunate to have her speak at the dinner and is an inspiration to all”.

Other special guests included our principal sponsor the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PGA), our major sponsors; the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) and the Society of Hospital Pharmacists Australia (SHPA); and representatives from Ravens Recruitment, Mylan and LIVIN.

Ms Parekh executed her final duties as President to award the Sydney University Pharmacy Association as Best Branch for their high level of commitment and passion to NAPSA over the year; and inducted two Honorary Life Members to the association:

  • John Quinn (Griffith University, Publications Committee 2015-16, Director of Professional Development 2016-17)
  • David Paulmert (Griffith University, Secretary 2015-16, Director of Media and Publications 2016-17)

Ms Parekh would like to thank all of NAPSA’s sponsors and the pharmacy industry for their continued support. Without this support NAPSA would not have been able to come this far and accomplish greatly.

Scholarship Winners Announced

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has announced the recipients of the Rural Pharmacy Scholarship Scheme 2017.

A total of 39 students from across the country have been awarded the prestigious scholarship.

The Rural Pharmacy Scholarships provide financial support to students from rural and remote communities to encourage them to undertake undergraduate or graduate studies in pharmacy at university.

Scholarship holders receive $10,000 each year, for up to four years, to help cover the costs associated with study away from home.

They also participate in a mentor program aimed at reinforcing the students’ ties to rural and regional Australia.

“Scholarship holders receive financial and mentoring support to ensure they get the most out of their university studies – and the fact that they are encouraged to conduct their professional careers in rural Australia is fantastic,” National President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, George Tambassis, said.

“The mentoring program helps the students develop a learning plan and also provides support to students outside the university environment. It’s an important support for students who have come from rural and remote areas and are studying away from their family base.”

Scholarship holders are encouraged to pursue a career in pharmacy in a rural or remote area of Australia after graduation. During their studies they also have a role in promoting rural pharmacy as a career choice to secondary school students.

The Rural Pharmacy Scholarship Scheme is an initiative of the Rural Pharmacy Workforce Programme, established in recognition of the key role pharmacists play in maintaining the health of all Australians, particularly those in rural and remote areas.

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health as part of the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement.

Congratulations to the 39 recipients of the Rural Pharmacy Scholarship!

Scholarship Holder Home Town State University

Scholarship Holder Home Town State University
Zoe Shea Queenstown TAS University of Tasmania
Georgie Sutherland Cootamundra NSW Monash University
Dominic O’Sullivan Camperdown NSW University of Sydney
Samuel Watts Neerim South VIC Monash University
Katie Sturzaker Innaloo WA Curtin University
Jennifer Holmes Canowindra NSW Charles Sturt University
Teagan Van der Drift Cohuna VIC Latrobe University
Claire Walker Holland Park West QLD Qld University of Technology
Kieran Tyers Eden NSW University of New England
Lewis Goodsell Keiraville NSW University of New England
Rachael Moncrieff Port Campbell VIC Latrobe University
Ingrid Carey Concongella VIC Latrobe University
Benjamin Blay Singleton NSW University of Newcastle
Kelly Hoare Denmark WA Curtin University
Penny Kim Elvery Waterloo NSW University of Sydney
Aimee Long Castlemaine VIC Latrobe University
Tahlia Manuel Whyalla Norrie SA University of South Australia
Sharie Borellini Proserpine QLD University of Queensland
Elise Hazelwood Toowoomba QLD University of Queensland
Marley Jones Gunbower VIC Monash University
Darren Sweet Belair SA University of South Australia
Rebecca Biggs Malvern East VIC University of New England
Mikaela Lenihan Kingaroy QLD University of Queensland
Tahlia Quigg Forster NSW University of Newcastle
Padmakumar Jayapaul Rockdale NSW University of Sydney
Jack Fogarty Woolgoolga NSW University of Newcastle
Ellen Lindsay Childers QLD University of Queensland
Daniel Appleby Inverell NSW University of New England
Ashlee Lovett Leeton NSW Charles Sturt University
Sarah Nash Narrabri NSW University of Queensland
Ashley Hanes Narrabri NSW University of Sydney
Natalia Henderson Tullibigeal NSW Charles Sturt University
Nathan Chatterton Alligator Creek QLD James Cook University
Melissa Powell Northam WA Curtin University
Ellen Wong Redwood Park SA University of South Australia
Merry Joy Melbourne Parkville VIC Monash University
Bridgett Mackley The Junction NSW University of Newcastle
Georgina Hughes Waikerie SA University of South Australia
Melanie Sparrow Yaamba QLD James Cook University

NAPSA Charity Cup success!

By Shefali Parekh, National President NAPSA

NAPSA’s Charity Cup pharmacy awareness campaign commenced on the 3rd April and is due to be completed shortly after an 8-week period. With a huge response from branches nationwide, NAPSA members around the country have embraced the selected charity, LIVIN. LIVIN is a not-for-profit organisation founded to help eradicate the stigma surrounding mental illness and help raise awareness for suicide prevention through education, training and apparel. Pharmacy students have dedicated much time and effort to coordinate their campaigns to aid their branch to victory. In doing so, members are continually spreading mental health awareness and promoting LIVIN to the nation.

NAPSA members have held social fundraising events, organised LIVIN and mental health education evenings, and coordinated awareness days as part of their Charity Cup campaigns. To date, online donations have tallied in at over $5,000. In Western Australia, WAPSA hosted a successful movie night screening of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ with a crowd of over 60 students in attendance. JCUPSA students in Townsville held several barbeques in both university grounds and in the general public. This fantastic public outreach spreads LIVIN’s message not only to students but to the entire community surrounding them. SAPSA members in Adelaide hosted their largest quiz night, which drew together student members, pharmacists, lecturers and families with the common goal of raising money for LIVIN. This event saw SAPSA raise over $1400, which has been an incredible feat. GUAPS members on the Gold Coast have turned to chocolate bars and baked goods to secure much of their campaign donations, whilst SUPA students in Sydney followed the theme with Krispy Kremes.

Engaging with young Australians has proven as one of LIVIN’s strengths to help target mental illness and eliminate the stigma associated with it. Holding true to the values of the NAPSA Charity Cup, members have shown their support in raising awareness for LIVIN in the form of merchandise. In their university lectures, pharmacy students proudly wear their latest LIVIN apparel purchases, telling people that #ItAintWeakToSpeak about mental health and suicide. Mental illness affects many young students, and so it is important that, as future health professionals, pharmacy students engage with those who are at risk of suffering from its effects by using LIVIN as a support base.

One week remains of the campaign before a branch claims the rights to NAPSA Charity Cup 2017. The winners of Charity Cup will be announced at the NAPSA Annual Dinner in Melbourne.

Further donations are encouraged by all members of the public, and can be made here.

NAPSA are also pleased to announce that nominations and applications for Board positions have opened and will remain open until Saturday 1st July 5pm. Voting for the NAPSA President and Executive Directors will take place at our upcoming Annual General Meeting held at Monash University, Melbourne on the 15th July, 2017.

We encourage all members to apply for the Board, as it is an excellent opportunity to represent the students on a national level.

With NAPSA’s recent governance change, it is up to the discretion of the new Board which roles they want in their term, so if you have any questions with regards to specific NAPSA positions, please contact any of our current board members.

National Australian Pharmacy Students Association


14 teams fight for ultimate business plan title

A total of 14 teams will compete in this year’s National Student Business Plan Competition, the final of which will be contested at Pharmacy Connect 2017.

This year’s entrants include multiple registrations from several pharmacy schools and registrations from first-time entrants, the University of Otago.

The competition, which commenced in 2006, encourages innovation amongst pharmacy students who will be the future owners of Australia’s community pharmacies. In 2017 the focus on innovation will continue with the aim of ensuring that tomorrow’s owners look for highly differentiated services that they can provide to the Australian market.

Open to all pharmacy schools; the competition provides $15,000 in cash prizes to the top three teams, as well as registration, flights and accommodation to attend Pharmacy Connect.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear the three finalists present their investor pitch ‘live’ at Pharmacy Connect on Saturday 2 September, with the winner announced at the Gala Dinner that evening.

2016 National Student Business Plan Competition winners – University of Auckland

International line up at Pharmacy Connect 2017

A release of the preview program for this year’s Pharmacy Connect, held from 1-3 September at the Hilton Sydney, shows an impressive line up of international speakers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa.

Conference Convenor Kos Sclavos said that the Guild is thrilled to bring to delegates such a large cohort of international speakers – all with extremely diverse knowledge and backgrounds in the pharmacy industry – in just the second year of the conference.

“This year’s program will provide insight into the experiences and knowledge of our pharmacy colleagues across the globe,” Kos said.

President of the US National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), DeAn Mullins is one of the international speakers featured on the program. In addition to her role with NCPA, DeAnn is also a certified diabetes educator who has spent much of her career helping people with diabetes. She has been recognised for her professional and patient care efforts with several awards including the Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award and Eli Lilly Award for Ethics, Scholarship and Leadership.

Other international speakers include President of the Irish Pharmacy Union Daragh Connolly, Chairman of the National Pharmacy Association (UK) Ian Strachan, President of the South African Association of Community Pharmacists Christine Venter, CEO of the Canadian Pharmacists Association Perry Eisenschmid and President of the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand Graeme Blanchard.

“All of these speakers will explore key issues currently facing pharmacy in Australia, and provide insight into how delegates can learn from their experiences overseas”, Kos said.

Pharmacy Connect will feature over 30 speakers, a trade exhibition with 60+ exhibitors, Welcome Reception and Gala Dinner. The Guild’s National Student Business Plan Competition will also be conducted at the event, and the winners announced at the Gala Dinner.

Guild Interns and students receive a free* registration to Pharmacy Connect, and non-Guild Interns receive a reduced registration fee!

Online registration, accommodation bookings and preview program are now available online. Visit http://www.pharmacyconnect.com.au for more information and to register.
*excludes Gala Dinner

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